David Lebo Le Batard

Lebo Hosts Art Workshop for Veterans

As David “Lebo” Le Batard led a creative workshop for veterans in Pompano Beach, Florida, he asked them to write three words on why they attended. One veteran wrote three poignant words: “I have PTSD.” After returning home, many veterans struggle with the impact of the physical and emotional stress they encountered from their time in…. read more

Lebo Partners with Veteran to Create “Purpleheart Art”

After serving four military tours as a bomb squad leader and surviving an IED explosion, veteran Sgt. Michael Williams discovered solace in an unexpected place: woodworking. “It’s relaxing to see something and bring it to life,” Williams says.”It’s one of my stress relievers. It’s something I like to do — just to take some pieces…. read more

New Lebo Mural Welcomes Miami Beach Tourists

Visitors to Miami Beach will receive a warm and bright welcome thanks to a new mural by David “Lebo” Le Batard. The “Welcome to Miami Beach” mural was completed in early October 2016, the result of months of hard work and planning. Lebo says he funded the mural project after he and his marketing partner…. read more

Lebo tapestry harkens to artist Joan Miro

David “Lebo” Le Batard seeks inspiration from history, philosophy, music and science for his art, but one of his more unique creations owes its genesis to artist Joan Miro. Lebo credits Miro for inspiring him to use cotton threads instead of his typical paints to weave together the visual tale of “Divine Spark,” a cotton…. read more

How art is helping shape the next generation

Art can be beautiful, thought-provoking and mesmerizing, but recent studies show it can just as easily be a catalyst for improving education and critical thinking. A recent article by T Brand Studios in the New York Times highlights how Park West Gallery and its non-profit organization, the Park West Foundation, are working to promote arts…. read more

Lebo breaks down his Post-Modern Cartoon Expressionism

David “Lebo” Le Batard calls his innovative style “Post-Modern Cartoon Expressionism,” and who better to explain it than the artist himself? Postmodernism is a recent movement that contradicts aspects of modernism, involving movements like installation art and conceptual art. Postmodern art combines high and low culture, using pop culture imagery alongside aspects from past periods…. read more

The benefits of taking a vacation

Studies have revealed that Americans tend to avoid vacations due to fear of losing their jobs or simply feeling they can’t do so, but we’re here to say that you deserve some time away. We have pointed out how a study shows that time off is important to work productivity and mental wellness, yet most…. read more

Lebo chosen as 2016 Amelia Island Jazz Festival artist

David Le Batard, also known as the artist Lebo, will loan his artistic talents to the 13th Annual Amelia Island Jazz Festival as its official artist. Lebo follows Tim Yanke, who served as the official artist in 2015. Lebo will create art that is featured on posters, shirts, flyers and other materials related to the…. read more

Lebo on painting the Norwegian Getaway

One of David “Lebo” Le Batard’s crowning achievements as an artist also happens to be one of his largest yet – the hull artwork of the 146,000-gross-ton Norwegian Getaway. The ship, which measures 1,063 feet long, is instantly recognizable in any port. As the ship sails, it looks as if the animated mermaids painted in…. read more